Title: Lemon in my glass
Archive: May 2017
Magazine: Alex Lynn
Girl: Hilary

So the new au pair arrives and soon settles down so well that your wife feels able to go away for the weekend; leaving you and the au pair in charge. You get up early in the morning and find the au pair already up in just a t-shirt and some panties. You notice that she is wearing your t-shirt and ask her what's going on. She notices your erection through your pyjamas and smiles. She takes off the t-shirt and gives it back to you apologising for borrowing it without permission. With a cheeky smile she asks you what punishment she deserves and that's when you notice her ass and its your turn to smile. She slowly lets her panties fall down over her legs and you bend her over your knee and give her good spanking. As her ass cheeks redden you can feel her nipples harden up against your thighs and you notice that her pussy is getting wetter and wetter.

As you spank her she moans and so to keep her quite you stuff your cock down her willing throat. She looks up at you with those beautiful green eyes as you fill her mouth and throat with your spunk and she swallows greedily. After a break you make use of her tight pussy and introduce her to the sweet pain of anal sex. Once you are finished you remind her that she needed to be punished. She says she thought her punishment was the spanking as you laugh and tell her that she is fired and she needs to be out of the house before your wife gets home. As she leaves you give her the number of a guy you know telling her that she is a pretty useless au pair but he can arrange the sort of work she is better suited at.

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