Privacy Policy

In obligation to maintaining clarity, we need to inform our site's visitors considering the data that is collected while browsing.


Cookies are bits of data that are kept in a user's browser during browsing sessions, and which websites utilise in order to retain information (such as logging in, or items added in a cart). Our site uses cookies exclusively for Google Analytics.

Info we collect in addition to Google

Appart from Google Analytics, our site tracks the total amount of clicks our content receives (gallery, video, model pages). Currently this information is purely of statistical nature, i.e: Only the total amount of clicks is registered, without further information concerning who clicked on what. In addition, our site maintains a rating system for content such as models, videos and photoshoots. To ensure that multiple actions are not performed while voting, the ip addresses of visitors are kept briefly for 24 hours before being discarded.

Are the pictures and videos on nude-gals legal?

All content that is depicted and shared on our site, is procured by other sites that provide memberships. The copyright to all content is owned by their respective source which has provided us with the material and permission to use it for promotional purposes. We then receive a commission from purchases that are made through our site's reference. We are very selective with our partnerships, and only choose to associate with trustworthy, and respectable companies.

A "Legal Info" link is included in the footer of every gallery. This will refer you to the record holder info for that content (the owner who holds the identification and legal documentation for the models that are featured in said content). As a european company we are not obligated by law to share this information, but we do so of our own volition.

On occasion some individuals may contact us and claim that a picture of them is depicted on our site, and is being used without their permission. Such rare cases might be the result of a disagreement between a model and their photographer or company. Regarding such cases, our policy is to contact the company that owns the copyright, in attempt to clarify whether the individual's claim is true or not. If it holds up, the content is removed immediately and permanently from our site. There has never been an issue involving us in any legal proceedings concerning the unauthorised use of images, and we always strive to resolve such issues in a civilized manner, as we respect the wishes of both models and copyright holders.


Our site is secured and has an SSL certificate by Thawte. SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, is an cryptographic protocol, that provides secure communications between web browsers and website servers, by encrypting the data being transmitted. By doing so, the information exchanged is completely private, eliminating threats of any malicious intent such as forgery, data tampering or eavesdropping.