Title: Hot Brunette
Archive: July 2017
Magazine: Alex Lynn
Description: When you choose a villa for your holidays you want to be sure the location is excellent with great views and the beach close by and that the layout and the rooms are just right. Well this villa ticks all those boxes but it comes with an extra piece of furniture that cliniches the deal - Jasmine! She is included in the price of the villa and has all the features a discerning customer wants. Like the finest furtinure she has beautiful well proportioned feet, sturdy but elegant legs and an excellent firm surface to write on with your firm hand - her ass to you and me! The surface is highly polished and smooth as you would expect and the cushions or breasts as we prefer to call them are full, fill each hand comfortably and have that lovely feeling of being soft and firm at the same time. Like all great furniture she looks good in any room but most owners tend to prefer her in the kitchen barefoot or in the bedroom fully opened up. There are a few special hidden places that are a tight squeeze and really need you to spend some time studying in her detail and really like all great pieces of furniture her quality is best felt rather than just seen! Hurry up and book the villa though as it's in demand and we have a lot of repeat customers!
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