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We live in a strange era, where ISPs keep logging your traffic, spy your browsing history and sell your data to advertising giants. Could you fight back? Answer is yes but its a bit more complicated than this!

Except if you live in Mars, you must have heard about VPN and what they do. In simple words, they mask your real ip and protect you from spies, malware and data thief. However, even if it sounds promising, there are literally THOUSANDS of VPN providers out there, and not only they are not all reliable, some of them will even sell your data instead! There are so many cases online with”bad” VPN companies that will end up scamming their own clients, some wonder if it’s a good thing to use it to begin with.

We are proudly presenting you our new co-operation with , which is an independent company that reviews all latest VPNs for you, and present you with the pros and cons of each one of them while revealing all their”dirty”secrets. Every VPN will have a unique rating system and will cover everything that each user REALLY needs: Its speed, its price, its reliability, its ease of use, how many devices you can use with one subscription at the same time, does it unblock Netflix/hulu/bbc player, what about refund policy plus their log policy among others. While most VPN review sites are making big bucks simply by”licking” the VPN companies(end of the day, if you buy from them they make serious money as well), does unbiased and extensive reviewing, which as a result costs affiliate partnerships and/or serious revenue. They wouldn’t have it another way though, because true should stand for…well… true. There is no point to make a review that a VPN company paid you to publish, would it? 🙂

Imagine the VPN as your e-condom! Don’t surf the Internet without one and don’t do it before getting your advice from !


Stay safe!