Passport Bros

Passport Bros is a new movement that is developing in the US and around the world where men are traveling overseas to find women for relationships, companionships and marriage. 

These men are extremely tired of Western women who these days, are very materialistic and don’t know what they want. A lot of women don’t act feminine anymore, they constantly judge guys based on what they have and what they can provide, without looking at the big picture. Dating in general, has become very hard and frustrating that a lot of men are really fed up of this. Not to mention that divorce rates are also very high these days. In some countries in the Western world, the divorce rates are almost 50%. 

That’s why a lot of guys are traveling overseas these days, especially to Asia where women are very simple, easy going, very loyal, humble and that are simply looking for a normal good guy. 

A website that provides all the info on finding women overseas is . This site is basically a complete guide that provides all the necessary information on where to travel, how to travel, where to stay, how to meet women and how to find women that are simply happy to have a foreign man by their side. 

The website is run by two Passport Bros who travelled to several countries in Asia and South America. They were so impressed by the quality of women, that they decided to create this guide, so people would know more about this phenomenon. 

The website contains info on women in the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Colombia. If needed, you can also contact them directly by email and Telegram and they’ll be happy to give you advice if you plan to travel overseas to find your significant other. 

If you are the type of guy who is not satisfied by the behaviors and quality of Western women, then is a great website to visit to gain information on how to find a companion overseas. The site is very well detailed and you’ll be very impressed by the info you can gather. So go on and check them out. You won’t be disappointed. Who knows…maybe you will become a Passport Bro yourself.