Title: Fetish In Glass
Archive: January 2017
Magazine: FTV-Girls
Girl: Lana
Description: Lana has those lovely pale blue eyes that are just so innocent that you don't notice the glass dildo she is holding in her hands. Then she sits down on your bed, puts her favorite soft toy behind her, starts undressing and shows you how she can suck her toes but of course you are not looking at her toes now and you still haven't noticed the dildo. Why would you now that she is stretching the lovely pink pussy wide for you and asking if you if needs to shave. Now she pops a finger in her ass and lubes it up and now you notice the dildo. Yes, she's sure she can do it for you and in it goes and now you can't see or hear anything else. That is until she asks you if you have anything else you would like to put in there.
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