Title: Going All Out
Archive: March 2017
Magazine: FTV-Milfs
Girl: Chanel
Description: Some girls were made to take home to mum, others for candlelight dinners and a few like Chanel were made for a quick and dirty fuck and then goodbye. As you admire those heavy tits and those eyes that say Fuck me, you run your hand across her belly and pull her onto your dick. Her pussy is warm, wet and tight and she rides you like a machine. You push her down onto her knees and stuff your cock into that spoilt mouth of hers and she smiles as she takes it all in, yes the rumours about her are true she doesn't gag. You then push her onto the bed and enter her pussy again holding her by the throat and choking her as she asks you to fuck her hard and make sure she does what she's told to do. The harder your cock goes into her warm hole the louder she screams and the harder she asks you to choke her. As you cum deep inside her she smiles and she tells you not to forget her ass next time as she loves to have her hair pulled as she gets fucked in her tight little ass. So no goodbyes yet some girls are not made for mum but they are made to be fucked again and again and again ...
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