Title: Bikini time
Archive: June 2017
Magazine: Watch 4 Beauty

Agatha Vega should really be in college today but it's so hot and school is so boring and she knows how she is going to make her living and it's not on the syllabus in school! So here she is in a Bikni top and short denim skirt and she wonders if you would help her with her work experience on a hot day like today?

So she slowly strips off and soon all she has on is her lovely teenage smile. You admire those firm breasts so full for a girl of her age with their lovely pink nipples. Her skin is smooth and tanned and her ass just needs a good spanking. Her pussy is pink, wet and tight just as it should be and once you have finished she asks if she is ready to start work and leave college? You smile and tell her she needs to pass her final exam. She looks surprised and asks you what you mean. You smile and ask her to practice being on all fours with her ass in the air spreading her ass cheeks apart for her final exam because like all final exams it's going to be a hard one to pass - but if it's not painful it's not a proper test!

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