Title: Thirst
Archive: February 2018
Magazine: The Life Erotic
Girl: Bree Haze
Description: We asked a photographer we know well what happens to models when they are past their use by dates and he said ?let me show you?. An hour later we were under an abandoned bridge and out came Bree looking rough and dirty as you can see. Before we knew it she was out of her cheap PVC dress and showing us her pierced nipples and shaved pussy. We didn?t feel like touching her even with a double condom and the photographer agreed so we threw her a soft drink bottle and well you can see for yourselves that her pussy needed a good stretch. There is something about a girl accepting her role as an object for pleasure that turns anyone on and we had to admit we finished by cumming on her face - we still didn?t touch her though ! But as thank you we let her drink what was left in the bottle. No one can say we don?t care !!
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