Title: Elyre
Archive: February 2018
Magazine: Met-Art
Girl: Judith
Description: Ok so we know Judith is 28 but somethings get better with age (up to a point) and Judith is one of those things. Just look at those lovely blonde locks surrounding her clear, porcelain complexion with that aristocratic nose and those cheekbones so high they almost looked sculpted. Her lips are full and firm just made for sucking and you know at 28 she brings years of experience to the task. Her breasts belong on a girl 10 years younger; full, firm, gently upturned still fighting gravity with those elegant pale nipples just asking for you to bite. Her tummy is toned and firm but with the waist of a real woman (by that we mean curves !) and that ass is a beautiful firm, bubble butt that will turn a glorious red as you spank her and the sound echoes around the room. While you do that her lovely trim pussy lips firm up and become moist to accommodate you and you can?t help but notice how tidy and trim her pussy is despite all the years. Those exercises do work! Run your hands up and down those lovely, long athletic legs and really you have to admit at this point if a girl looks after herself 28 is the new 18!
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