Title: Irresistible
Archive: February 2018
Magazine: Watch 4 Beauty
Girl: Atenas
Description: You are away from home on business in South America and the local guys take you out drinking. While in Spain you get tapas with your drinks and in Italy you get olives and Salami here in Colombia you get the barmaid with your drinks. Here she is Ateneas. 19, just started in her first job and knows nothing about the wine list but of course you don't care. After a few glasses she offers you a private tasting and you go up together to the roof. As you climb the steps you notice those firm ass cheeks stretching the material of her High cut shorts and those long athletic legs, toned by those long walks to school. As the warm tropical breeze ruffles her hair you take off her top and enjoy those tiny, teenage breasts, topped by those cute chocolate button nipples that are so hard they are hurting her. Her shorts come off and then those pink panties slip down those long legs and you see that her pussy is unbelievably smooth for a Latina. She follows your gaze and laughs as she says I don?t really need to shave down there yet! You open her dark wet pussy lips to expose the moist innner pink and the fit is tight and painful for her as you enter. Then as your excitement mounts you flip her over, given those firm cheeks and slap and thrust deep inside that Latin ass hole as she gasps. As you use her her knees and feet get scraped and bloodied on the rough cement roof and you cum deep inside Colombia in every sense of the word. As you leave the bar you pay your bill and you notice like all good bars you have only be charged for the drinks the extras are on the house. You don't remember the face and in fact it's not important- after all do you remember the wine you drank or the olives you ate ? You are just happy knowing that there will be some new bar snacks next time you go for a drink
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