Oldest Pornstar’s secrets revealed!

We all may be used to seeing those hot studs and expect them to be sexy and hard forever. However, this may not be the truth but there is one man that is still actively in the industry at age 82. The shocking part of it all is that Shigeo Tokuda did not even start making porn films until he was 70 years old!

You may think at that age he cannot keep up with the young studs, however, you would be greatly mistaken as he has steadily been in sixty films every year since he became a porn star. What gives him his stamina and longevity? Would you believe it attributes it to eating eggs every day? Maybe you need to start eating his favorite dish to keep you going so you can keep fucking the rest of your life which is rice with a raw egg on top.

Shigeo made his adult film debut in 2004 and is still going strong
Shigeo made his adult film debut in 2004 and is still going strong (Source: Reuters)

How He Got in the Business

Mr. Tokuda retired at age 60 and stated he had nothing to do. He purchased his porn videos from a production company and became friends with a director that suggested he try out staring in a porn film. The director explained that old people porn was getting quite a bit of attention. Tokuda decided to give it a try at age 60 and by the age of 74 had been in 350 films.

His Success

Tokuda (oldest pornstar) has been called a superstar when it comes to elderly porn. He has been in videos with several different female porn stars and yes, young and old alike.

He explained during an interview that now at age 82, long porn shoots can be tiring but he stated that a person’s sex drive only fades because it takes more energy as well as forgetting the important things in life. As they get older, they quit taking care of their bodies, they are not as interested in other people and mainly focus on themselves. He, on the other hand, knows how to please a woman and make her squirm with joy with his hard cock. He takes pride in pleasing his partners and never forgets to hand out compliments to each one.

So, if you want to stay virile and sexually active, you may want to take his advice, take care of your body, be sure to compliment others, and of course enjoy as many eggs as possible every day.

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Source: Reuters