Name: Belka
Current Age: 23
Height: 168 cm
Origin: UkraineUkraine
Alias: Belka (Met-Art), Belka (DenudeArt)
Tags: brown eyes, brown hair, large boobs, real boobs, shaved
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Met-Art Bio

I prefer to behave modestly, although I like to be in the center of attention. I like to meet interesting and influential people. This often happens during photo shoots. I have a dream to swim in all the seas and oceans, swim as many rivers as possible. I love water and can sit in the bathroom for hours and then dance in the shower for the same amount. I don't have many friends, but they are all like family to me. Oh yes, I cannot imagine my life without flying and can watch the sky for hours. In the rain or snow, I kick out with delight and begin to dance. Nature is everything for me that cannot be said about my attitude to big cities. I do not like crowds of people, but with pleasure attends concerts. I love an active lifestyle, but am not against spending the day wrapped in a blanket.