Denisa Kate
Name: Denisa Kate
Current Age: 28
Height: 173 cm
Origin: UkraineUkraine
Alias: Denisa Kate (Met-Art), Klara (Showy Beauty)
Tags: blonde, blue eyes, medium boobs, real boobs, shaved
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Magazine Biographies of Denisa Kate's

Met-Art Bio

I love to learn. I like to be a serious student and to inform myself about history and art. My passions are with science. I enjoy to read on a nice day and have a large family.

Showy Beauty Bio

At her 20 Klara has seduced and had fun with more men she can count or even realized. That is no mistake for a blue eyed blonde beauty with her looks and abilities. Her amazing performance makes her a proud Ukrainian beauty who is worthy of every bit of attention you show her. And who knows, maybe if you look closely enough, she will show you her hot A size titties.