Title: Voston
Archive: November 2016
Magazine: Rylsky Art
Girl: Swan
Description: So you caught Swan A fooling around in your bedroom instead of tidying your wife's dressing table. You know you should tell her off but then she tilts her head to one side, gives a little shake of those pigtails and let's her panties drop. Yes she is going to get a lesson but not the one you first imagined. So yes you admire those long lovely legs with the slim ankles and that tight round bum that is going to get a good spanking as you put her over your knee. Then she lifts up her tee shirt and giggles as she shows you her tits and tells you she doesn't need a bra yet. Her nipples harden as your hands approach and she lets out a little squeal as you pop some fingers into that tight pussy. You push her down into her knees and tell to start cleaning your cock with her mouth and she gives that sexy school girl look and takes it all in. By the time you have finished she knows what will happen to her next time if she doesn't clean up properly and her ass hole is already wet with anticipation
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