Title: Gen Y
Archive: January 2017
Magazine: MPL Studios
Girl: Zlata

So your daughters best friend has come round to practice her piano at your house; everyone else is away. As she sits down to practice you notice her tattoos through the see through top and you remember why you never really liked her mixing with your daughter. Its a warm day and after a while you come into to offer her a cold drink and you notice those lovely teenage breasts through her top. She follows your eyes and smiles my mum says my breasts aren t big enough yet for a bra.

You smile back and say that you cannot tell with her top on. She laughs and slowly starts to undress. As you admire those small firm tits with their soft pink nipples and her shapely legs you notice she is covered all over in tattoos. You know she is never going to be the family type of girl so you do not feel too bad about what is going to happen next. As he takes off her panties you see her smooth wet pussy with inner lips that are a lot bigger than you expected. Once you have had your fun with her you send her home and later tell your daughter that you never want her to see that girl again and your wife agrees.

Later in the evening you remember the girls smooth skin, her young budding breasts, her tight , wet pussy and her tattoos - of course you cant remember her face but that s not important. You may meet her again a few years later in a hotel on a business trip after a phone call to your usual guy because you know she is not going to finish school!

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