Title: Looking good
Archive: May 2017
Magazine: MPL Studios
Girl: Jenna

A girl like Jena is like a meal made from the finest ingredients; best served simply without any dressing up. So here she is a Michelin 3 star amongst models. A lovely, fresh face with unblemished skin and an innocent smile. Green eyes that sparkle and promise so much and lips that you just have to see wrapped around your cock.

Her breasts are small but more than enough for a tasty mouthful with soft pastel pink nipples - nothing false or enhanced here either. Her tummy is sculpted and has a waist that asks for you to hold her tight and leads down to a smooth, velvet pussy that is a beautiful subtle shade of pink with beautiful formed inner petals that will firm up and open at a touch of your hand.

Her anus is flawless and blends in with her natural skin tone ; there is no need for artificial bleaching to make it more enticing - or indeed more welcoming and her pert ass cheeks just cry out for your firm hand. Finally as you run your hands over her toned legs you notice her pretty, well tended feet without a blemish and you realise that what you have in front of you is a girl at her peak to be savoured and enjoyed like a fine wine.

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