Title: Temptress
Archive: May 2017
Magazine: The Life Erotic
Girl: Tempe
Description: Monika V came for the shoot looking as young and innocent as ever. We asked Monika V how she would describe herself and she said I am a dirty little slut! We were surprised of course and she just smiled and said wait a minute. Well 5 minutes later she came back looking the way you can see. As we slowly undressed her she asked us to pinch her nipples hard so they were good and hard for all of you and she begged for a good whipping and spanking and as you can see from picture 16 we did exactly what we were told to! Finally off came her chastity belt and we could see her pussy was dripping wet as her fingers went in knuckle deep. She just smiled and asked what we thought of her now? We replied that she was our favourite little slut and we were just happy that she was someone else's daughter!
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