Title: Let Us Play
Archive: November 2017
Magazine: FemJoy
Girl: Alisa I
Description: Alisa came for her photo shoot with us and of course she's a pretty girl and she knows it; so at the end she asked us how many marks out of 10 we would give her. We knew she expected us to say 10 but you guys know we have standards and only have the best so we told her the truth. She's an 8! Very pretty face and great skin, firm heavy tits that defy gravity (for now in three years they won't be the same) but her ass and thighs need toning as did her tummy. As long as she didn't lose weight - we don't want those tits to get smaller! She will if she follows our advice and gets to the gym be a top model for the next two or three years , till time will catch up with those tits of hers. Who said we didn't care we have given Alisa lots of free advice !
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