Title: Carren
Archive: November 2017
Magazine: Sex Art
Girl: Georgia
Description: Where to start with Georgia? She has that beautiful girl next door charm that takes your breath away - you can almost smell her perfume. Pretty well kept feet with lovely arches and red painted toenails and that hint of a scar on her heels that tells you she's not as innocent as she looks as she obviously wears killer heels. Her lovely shapely calves that are asking for you to caress that smooth honey brown skin, slim toned thighs and a hard, shapely ass that demands you put her over your knees - if a girl was ever naughty enough to deserve a spanking it's this one! A pussy that's as smooth as silk and is meaty and inviting but still so fresh and hardly touched. Her tummy is sculpted with a waist designed for you to hold her tight. Her lovely small breasts still manage to pop out of her top and you can almost taste and feel those pink button nipples as they stand erect in your mouth. Her lovely long neck is asking for your hands to squeeze tight as you fuck her and she looks at you with desire fixing you with her ice blue eyes and warm inviting smile that looks so innocent and so dirty at the same time! We haven't even mentioned her ass hole or her lovely long blonde hair but that's for next time when you ride her from behind ;)
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