Title: Rabeya
Archive: December 2017
Magazine: Met-Art
Girl: Ramona
Description: So your wife is away for the weekend with the kids and it's just you and the Au pair at home. As you come downstairs you notice she is arranging flowers on the kitchen table. She smiles at you and and in that smile she lets you know that she has noticed how you have been looking at her recently. She then makes sure you see that she has nothing on but her top and underwear and as you stare the smile on her face gets even bigger. She drops the flowers and drops the top and underwear straight away as well. You notice her pale, smooth skin; those lovely small teenage breasts that are just starting to bud topped with the cutest pink button nipples. She then shows you her ass and asks if she has been naughty? As you start to spank that pale ass it turns a beautiful pink and you can see and feel the soft golden hair on her ass cheeks that only the youngest true blondes have. You then turn her over and enter her moist, pink pussy with soft lips that hardly need shaving. As you are about to cum you push her into her knees and enjoy the contrast between her flushed pink face and your white semen. Afterwards as she is dressing you tell her to leave by Sunday evening; you don?t need any hassle and besides you have already seen the pictures of the next AI pair ...
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