Title: Hardcore
Archive: December 2017
Magazine: Watch 4 Beauty
Description: Some girls you take home to mother, some are for some quick and dirty fun and will never meet your parents and then there are those girls who are the equivalent of the tissues you wank into. Well meet Helga, our newest box of tissues! Lovely unblemished feet with slim perfectly formed ankles, calves made to be caressed, slim shapely thighs with the perfect thigh gap and a pussy made to be stretched wide open to show that pink all the way deep inside. Like all good tissues Helga is smooth to the touch so as well as waxing her pussy we made sure she close shaved it as well. Of course, that ass hole is pink, tight, puckered and waiting just for you to stretch it open. The ass is firm, and pale and will turn a beautiful rose pink as you spank her. That sculpted flat tummy is waiting for you to cum over it and of course don't forget those huge, firm tits, so large and pale you can see the lovely blue veins beneath the alabaster pale skin, topped with pale rose pink button nipples made for biting. Like all quality tissues Helga is 100% organic so we can assure you those breasts are real! As for the face - well we realise many of you have high standards so we have supplied a paper bag with a hole for you to use. Once you have finished please ensure you re-cycle Helga she is very environmentally conscious!
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