Title: Smesh
Archive: January 2018
Magazine: Rylsky Art
Girl: Swan
Description: You are away from home in the usual boring business hotel and it's been a long day you need a rest and sometime to refresh. You phone room service and think about ordering from the in-room menu but nothing catches your eye and so you order nothing becoming even grumpier than when you got back to your room.
A few minutes later the phone rings and the room service manager is on the phone. You tell them you didn't like anything but the manager tells you he knows what you need and is sending up a special in room dining menu.
The menu arrives and you can't believe it, the manager knew exactly what you needed, you choose the item you want and they tell you it will be ready in one hour.
One hour later the bell rings and your room service also known as Swan A arrives. You quickly take off that dress and admire those long gymnast's legs with the slim ankles and high arched feet. Give that firm ass a good spank and rest your hands in the lovely gap between her thighs. Her pussy lips are wet and those inner lips are already swollen and starting to part. As you enter her you slip a finger into that tight star that is her ass hole and she squeals. Her pink nipples stand to attention as you caress those lovely white mounds that are her breasts. After you cum over her smiling face with its clear, pink complexion and those dark fiery eyes you feel rested and ready for the next day.
You ring down to room service and tell them you have finished and they ask you to leave it in the corridor and they will send someone to pick the item up. In the morning, the manager gives you the bill for your in room dining, you see you have been charged for what the hotel calls a Belarussian delicacy and he suggests that tonight you try the Ukrainian dish on the menu!
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