Title: Please Me
Archive: February 2018
Magazine: Watch 4 Beauty
Girl: Lucy
Description: "I am so much more than just a set of tits!" pleaded Lucy and being the nice guys we are we said OK, we will give you a chance to prove it. So of course, she lay on her back and spread those legs wide and spread those juicy pussy lips of hers even wider, brown and wet on the outside and pink and even wetter on the inside. We were too polite to mention that they gaped too easily or that the thigh gap was non-existent! She popped the toy in without any trouble and gave us a wicked smile and fixed us with her almond eyes as it slid in without any lube. As she turned over to offer her ass to us we had to admit we wanted to give it a good spanking and that her ass hole was smooth and inviting, though it was obvious we weren?t the first visitors there either ;) As she went thorough pose after pose she asked what we thought of everything on offer and well what could we say but, "Great set of tits ? can we cum over them please?" She smiled and said, "At least I am the greatest set of tits out there". We laughed and were too polite to mention that we had noticed that she only took her tits out while lying down. Gravity ? It will always get you in the end!
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