Name: Belonika
Current Age: 26
Height: 173 cm
Origin: Russian FederationRussian Federation
Alias: Belonika (MPL Studios), Belonika (Showy Beauty), Kendell (Met-Art)
Tags: blonde, blue eyes, shaved, small boobs
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Belonika is a nude model from Russia that began her career in 2016. This blonde haired blue eyed goddess is very mysterious but can lure you into her den with only a glance. After you stare into those beautiful blue eyes, you are hooked. You will follow this petite girl anywhere. She certainly stacks up against other teens and naked women no matter what adult magazine you may see Belonika in with her without clothing. She is only five feet three inches tall but can certainly bend and twist in any position so you can enjoy every inch of her body including her small boobs and nice sweet pussy that shows those inner lips. 

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Magazine Biographies of Belonika's

Met-Art Bio

I am a very active girl, I like sports, like to spend time in nature, to travel, myself I am always behind the wheel and I like to drive a car in other cities. In conversation, I am a light and cheerful person. I like to joke and smile every day. I like to dance when I hear my favorite songs can not stand still. I am a music fan and like different music styles. Sometimes we sound the exact same with my friends when we karaoke and there can sing your favorite songs.

Showy Beauty Bio

The Russian Federation is known to be home to many wonderful babes who just love to have naughty fun. Belonika is one of them. She is a gorgeous 20 year old babe who has an exceptional flair for sexy action and a pair of A size breasts that are sure to get your attention. She always gets noticed for her long blonde hair and her beautiful blue eyes.