Title: Bad Girl
Archive: January 2018
Magazine: FemJoy
Girl: Vika P
Description: Vika P is probably not top of anyone's list of beautiful girls but she is undeniably sexy. Let's start with those slim ankles and beautifully shaped calves leading to that lovely pert bottom that definitely needs a firm hand. Of course, that tight little ass hole of hers is smooth and puckered with that hint a gape that tells you it's no stranger to cock.
Turn her over and those sweet trim pussy lips invite you in deep, again not as tight as they once were (which is why those inner lips are so visible) but as Vika says herself - she is a very bad girl!
Her Breasts are that stage of perfection when they are still as firm as they were when she was a teenager but now full like a grown woman's (they will start to sag soon with the weight and Vika understands we will lose interest in her then - she knows she's not the girl any guy is looking to for the long term), and those nipples and small areolas are just made for sucking and biting.
Her face, framed by that cascading blonde hair is pretty but not beautiful but that mouth was surely made for sucking and you know those grey/ blue eyes will look so much more beautiful swimming in a sea of your spunk.
We asked Vika why she was wearing the dog collar and leash and she smiled and said "I know what I am, guys know what I am - why fight it? Just make sure I go to a good home ;) "
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