Title: Natural Look
Archive: January 2018
Magazine: Showy Beauty
Girl: Alisha
Description: Alisha is a lovely girl, pretty eyes, a young appealing face, breasts like bee stings with lovely pink button nipples. A slim waist you can put your hands around, an ass made for a good spanking, long slim legs with slim, shapely ankles and pretty unblemished feet. A tight, pink pussy with inner lips pushing out just enough and yet something was not quite right. She just wasn't doing it for us today. We tried every pose, looked at every angle but something was not quite right. Eventually in our desperation we had to get the make-up girl to help us cum over Alisha's face and that's when we realised the problem ? Alisha looks better with straight hair! The curls just don't work for us! Alisha needs to know what you guys think? Straight or curly hair? After all, if she can't make you guys cum then she is really not much use to anyone!
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