Title: Serdena
Archive: February 2018
Magazine: Met-Art
Girl: Runa
Description: Sweden's greatest export? Ikea? Volvo? ABBA? Meatballs? No of course not ! Ask anyone with a pulse and the answer is obvious - Young Blondes! So here we have the latest export, hot off the production line Runa. Just look at that innocent, freckled face with its cute button nose and those beautiful sparkling blue eyes. Her lovely strawberry blonde hair turn a lovely red gold in the Swedish summer as her skin turns to that beautiful Scandinavian brown and be sure that we will post those summer pict as soon as she makes them. In the meantime marvel at her beautiful white skin with the pinkest of pussy we have seen for a while covered with a soft down that she doesn't need to shave yet. Her breasts are tiny, just enough to fill your hand but firm and topped by candy pink nipples that you know will taste oh so sweet. Her ass ? Well that was made for a good spanking and you know she deserves it. Her asshole is so tight you struggle to find it and as you are such a considerate guy you use your finger only - but just for today; next time she will feel the stretch. Her pretty pink feet feel soft as they caress your dick and that's when you notice that her mouth looks better with your dick in it! Sweden's best export for the 2017-2018 year ? Runa!
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