Title: Curtain Call
Archive: December 2017
Magazine: BodyInMind
Girl: Alena
Description: OK - we know she is not the youngest and in fact is old enough to be a mum to some of our favourite girls but really you all remember when you were at college and you caught the eye of your mum's sexy friend or an older bar maid? Well here she is - giving you that sly smile that tells you she saw you looking at those heavy big breasts which in Anita's case are still firm and full and holding up despite the years. As she takes you upstairs you see that full, spankable ass straining to get out and then she undresses. The tits are amazing for her age and you suck on those hard nipples as she tells you to bite them. You can almost taste the milk. You pass a hand between her sturdy, tanned thighs and your thumb slips into that wet accomodating pussy that has had so many visitors over the years. She barely notices and you realise she needs something bigger than your thumb. As you push her onto the bed and enter her pussy properly she squeezes tight and you gasp. She whispers in your ear that the fit is tighter through the backdoor and so you oblige. Finally as you cum on her face she rubs it in and tells you that's it's the best anti-ageing cream there is. Looking at Anita its obvious she has used lots of it and all over her body!
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